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In the valley at the foot of the Escrinet pass, Vesseaux is a lovely, fast developing village which comprises 35 hamlets scatered over an area of 1870 hectares.
You will discover in the hamlet of "Fort" the fortified wall which skirts a maze of alleys, all of them opening onto the "Liopoux" creek which flows through the village. It's priory "Saint Pierre aux liens" built in the XII th century is remarkably reminiscent of Vivarois romanesque art; It's porch is heritage listed and its door is worth a  visit. The royal way and the covered market were chestnuts were sold are also part of the village heritage. There are many marked hiking paths. Some paths run along the old tram track lined with pine trees; They take you through chestnut groves which still tell the story of the cultivation of this staple fruit in the 19th century. Other paths will lead you to "Fontaine des Chaberts" which pours into the wash house where villagers washed their linen in the old days and to the famous pigeon house of "Lachamp". At the edge of the Coiron, close to dolmens, walkers can enjoy at the mousson cross spectacular views over the mounts of Vivarais and the summits over of the cevenol mountains.  
You can visit the winery, the last place in the canton where grape presses produce wines that you can taste. In the village, shops selling regional products await you.
From holiday cottages, You can take advantage of numerous hiking trails.
This Ardèche village benefits from a méditérranéen climate and spreads out in a wild nature or a campaign still exploited to make us savor delicatessen and meats, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, mushrooms and sweet chestnuts. The winter is very soft and opens the way to a sometimes early spring.
In 11 km, the thermal city of Vals les Bains offers numerous animations all year round in a wonderful open-air theater which constitutes the Park of the city (fairs, exhibitions, theater, casino, market night-, mini golf, concerts).
Vesseaux is located in the regional natural reserve of the Mounts of Ardèche and is ideally situated to visit the South Ardèche, its gorges, its villages, its forests and caves, but also, the Ardèche mountain, with its lakes and rivers, the Mount Gerbier de Jonc where the Loire is born, the village of Antraigues ........

 Discover Four Seasons in Ardèche  



Bringing picking of mushrooms and "castagnades", you will be enchanted with his colors and his flavors and will discover the Ardèche traditions and the local products, on lively market of our picturesque villages.







Guaranteed disorientation, after beautiful ballads in snowshoes, cross-country skiing or alpine in the snowy Ardèche mountain (in 1 h),
You can appreciate a supper in front of the fireplace.
Come to enjoy " the maôche " or the recipe Ardèche cooked in oven wood.






You will be amazed by multitudes of flowers, rivers and waterfalls in crystal clear waters; the feet of the Mount Gerbier de Jonc will wrap up with a yellow coat of daffodils. The nature wakes up, stalls multiply on the markets of Aubenas and Vals les Bains; the terraces of coffees live again.









It livens up around the picking of blueberries with its typical village feasts in mountain, and more low, you can practise hikes, equestrian or mountain bike,climbing, canoe, canyoning, treetop adventure park, fish, or you can bathe in numerous rivers, or you can visit numerous picturesque villages, water park ( to 20 mn), you can taste the local products on producers' markets or simply you can take advantage of the sun and rest.



  Throughout the year .... for the happiness of the children and the grown-upde

The leisure parks :


Mini educational farm of Lussas ( in 20 mn ).

Water park of Villeneuve de Berg  ( in  20 mn ).

Treetop Adventure Parc aventure  Vals, Jaujac, Ruoms

Farm in crocodiles  (40 km).

The garden in birds (1h05).

Park Safari of Peaugres (70 km).


The big natural sites  :


the forest of Païolive, the neck of Sceautres, the gorges of 'Ardèche, the pass of Ruoms, the cirque of Gens,The bridge of the Devil ( le Pont du Diable), the Balmes of Montbrun, the Mount Gerbier de Jonc, the Chassezac, the Tanargue,  lakes of Issarles and of Saint Martial, valley of Ibie, caves  "La Cocalière", " l'Aven d'Orgnac",  la Madeleine",  " l'Aven Marzal ".....



Prehistory :

In 45 mn, the cave of the "Pont d'Arc" classified in the UNESCO world heritage.

The big city of the prehistory of Orgnac.

The prehistoric zoo of Marzal.



The relaxation and the gastronomy :


Vals les Bains with thermal baths, casino, swimming pool in 15 mn

Neyrac les Bains 

Numerous restaurants proposing traditional recipes cooked with local products.
Gourmet restaurants among which 2 studed to the guide Michelin, Vivarais to Vals les Bains and Likoké to les Vans.




The cultural and historic heritage :


The villages in southern Ardèche like Balazuc, Labeaume, Voguë, Alba la Romaine, Lagorce, Lanas, Rochecolombe, Mirabel, Banne, Joyeuse, Largentière, Les Vans.

The typical villages of mountain like  Antraigues, Saint Cirgues en montagne, Mazan l'Abbaye, ....

The castel of Boulogne, Aubenas, Voguë,  Crau, Ventadour, of Montréal, of Largentière, ....

Numerous concerts, festivals, exposures, theaters : Vals les Bains, Aubenas, Privas, the Alba's ancient and roman theater, outdoors, cinemas (Vals and Aubenas), circus arts...
Museums (of the caricature and the humor, the Chestnut grove, the silk, the Prehistory, Alphonse Daudet, some Picodon cheese) ...



Festivals :


"Les vogues" ( summer festivals  of villages), celebrate in blueberries or chestnuts ( "castagnades"), markets from producers, medieval festivals, festivals of plants or of artisans, late-night markets,.....

to know also ....            Sea in two hours and quarter of route and ski in one hour.



Booking by mail :

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